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 Retiring and Living in Paradise


Need an escape from the torrential demands of the everyday pressures of life? Why not take some time for yourself on one of the beautiful resort islands of the Marianas. Let the stress relieving aura of the islands permeate your soul as you come here and learn about the aspects of this paradise that we love so much.

Convenient Location

Are you a frequent traveller? With the island’s convenient proximity to Asia, you can leave the unpleasantly cold winters of Tokyo or Seoul, Friday morning and be on a white sandy beach by the afternoon, soaking up the warm tropical sun. The flight time from Tokyo is only three and a half hours. Otherwise you can reach Manila in three hours or Seoul in four and half. Such short distance makes the island an ideal location for a second home. Why purchase in a place such as Hawaii that you are only able to visit on extended vacations, when you can take the time you need for yourself and family, more than once or twice a year with a convenient three and a half hour flight? Your time is important, so make the most of it with your family by choosing a time-saving destination for your home.

Great Golfing

Let the fresh tropical air fill your lungs as you approach the green to tee off, surrounded by the luscious island shrubbery, with the assorted tropical birds and the crashing pacific waves as your fanfare. Each course has its own distinct having something to over golfers of every skill level. You can chose among Saipan’s varied selection of championship golf courses:

* Lao Lao Bay
* Coral Ocean Point
* Marianas Country Club
* Kingfisher Golf Links
* Saipan Country Club

Temperate Climate

Cited by the Guinness of World Records for having the most temperate climates in the world, the Mariana islands make for comfortable retirement or a great vacation anytime. The humidity averages between 79 and 86 percent monthly, but is moderated by northeast trade winds equating to little seasonal temperature variation. The seasons consist of dry season from December to June, and rainy season from July to October. The annual mean temperature is 83?F (28?C) and the seasonal variation is less than 3.5?F. For those of you enduring winter in cold cities hidden from the sun for months on end, this will give you something to look forward to.

Good for Health

Come and live in an environment that is virtually fee of pollution and smog. In major cities across the world, stagnant weather conditions often can trap warm air and air pollutants that leads to smog episodes with significant health impacts. Refresh your heart and lungs by inhaling the refreshing tropical air of the Marianas. It will do you some good!

Another major perk is the immense stress relief that such island retreats provide. Stress is a major factor contributing to a long list of health problems including: depression, heart disease, weight gain, sleep difficulty, pain, and even concentration and memory difficulties.

In the Marianas, you can choose among a vast array of intimate beaches away from crowds and commercialism. Why squeeze onto a congested beach at some overrated and over commercialized tourist destination, when you can spend your vacations or even live in peace and serenity far from such added stresses.

Commonwealth of the USA

Due to the Northern Mariana Island’s political affiliation with the United States, you enjoy the benefits of a secure political and economical environment. Although things do change between elections based on who the governor, you don’t have to worry about the threat of a cascading currency or unstable government. The island also receives a substantial amount of federal aid for the infrastructure, public schools, and healthcare.

Enjoy Our Spectacular Sunsets

Sunsets in the Marianas are spectacular as they change by the minute offering a palette of red, shades of orange and hues of purple among cloud defused rays of soft colors cast against an evening horizon. Sparkling beams of reflected light ripple on a mirrored western sea as each tropical day is transformed into ever dimming twilight.

Late in the year at the time of the Winter Solstice (December 21st.), the setting sun is as far south on the horizon as will ever be observed from the islands. As the days and weeks grow longer with the approaching summer, so does the evening sun move slowly northward along the islands’ western horizon with each disappearing day. The most northern point of the sun’s Analemma occurs during the Summer Solstice (about June 21st.) at which time the sun is farthest from the equator and sets almost due west of Tanapag.

An interesting phenomenon known as the “green flash” can sometimes be seen at the precise moment of sunset. This event occurs at the exact moment the top edge of the sun’s rim drops below the horizon and is caused when the intense, brilliant rays of this star are refracted when passing through the curvature of the Earth’s water surface. For a split second, this creates a flash of green light as sunlight passes through a prism of water.

I have designed this website to showcase the Northern Marianas as an enchanting travel and retirement destination. On this website you will find valuable information for you to understand the many reasons for vacationing or retiring in this fabulous South Seas Paradise. As a Commonwealth Territory of the USA, you have all the rights of a US citizen……you may live on any of the Northern Mariana Islands without special visa requirements. You now have the opportunity to retire  in a South Seas Paradise without paying large foreign residence fees!!

If you would like more information on retiring or vacationing in the Northern Marianas, please contact me and I will immediately reply. In addition, if you have a message to leave my viewers,  please post your personal comments on my website blog.

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