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The Northern Marianas is Famous for its Beautiful White Sand Beaches


Saipan, the main island is famous for its stunning white sand beaches. One of the most popular beaches is Micro Beach, just in front of the Hyatt Resort where you can grab a chair and an umbrella, drink margaritas, rent surfboards and snorkle gear, and splash around in the crystal clear, warm waters of the lagoon. Another popular destination is Managaha Island, which is a 10 minute boat ride from Micro Beach. Mangaha has a beautiful white sand beach, a snack bar, volleyball nets, camp sites, and excellent snorkling. If you just want to get away from the crowds, however, simply walk along beach road and enjoy miles of uncrowded beaches.

Managaha Island is undoubtedly the prettiest beach in Saipan. You can catch a ride to the island through Tasi Tours, or by booking a ride through any of the hotels in Garapan village. Once you get to the island, there are picnic tables, volleyball nets, a snack shop, rest rooms, and a gift shop. Don’t forget to bring your snorkle gear to see some amazing sea life. Or relax with a book and just soak up the rays. This is one of Saipan’s favorite spots, with camp sites available if you want to spend the night on your own secluded island.

I have designed this website to showcase the Northern Marianas as an enchanting travel and retirement destination. On this website you will find valuable information for you to understand the many reasons for vacationing or retiring in this fabulous South Seas Paradise. As a Commonwealth Territory of the USA, you have all the rights of a US citizen……you may live on any of the Northern Mariana Islands without special visa requirements. You now have the opportunity to retire in a South Seas Paradise without paying large foreign residence fees!!

If you would like more information on retiring or vacationing in the Northern Marianas, please contact me and I will immediately reply. In addition, if you have a message to leave my viewers,  please post your personal comments on my website blog.

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