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Enjoy a Tropical Getaway to Exotic Tinian


Tinian is the closest island to the capital of Saipan, situated about 5 miles southwest and easily accessible by air (10 min.).

Tinian is home to Micronesia’s only full scale international standards gaming casino. An opulent, marble lined resort houses the casino, luxury accommodations and many other amenities.

History abounds on Tinian.  From prehistoric stone monoliths called Taga Stones to the very runways and loading docks that put atom bombs aboard the Enola Gay to stop WWII, Tinian is all that and more. By inexpensive commuter plane, or high tech jet-powered sea cruising catamaran, Tinian lies only minutes away and is worthy of a trek to see its varied wonders. Tinian was an agricultural engine for


the NKK, a Japanese company that marketed refined sugar and rum during the years before and during WWII. Little now remains of that storied past. Abandoned Shinto shrines, canons in caves and ruins in the jungle now tell the tale.

Tinian also has many clean and beautiful white sand beaches.  The pristine water, colorful marine life and coral reefs surrounding the island offer an ideal environment for snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing.

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